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Eating Samosa is Haraam!
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Eating Samosa is Haraam!

A Wahhabi group that has control over some part of Somalia surprisingly banned making and eating Sambousek because it is a Christian food.

According to Daily Mail, the British newspaper, and based on this report, the Wahhabi group prevents the UN aids from entering Somalia. It also formerly banned eating some kind of snack that is popular all over Africa.

Members of this group that rules over some parts of Somalia, on their vans proclaimed the prohibition of eating this type of food for starving people of Somalia.

According to Daily Mail, the mentioned group has special affairs with Al-Qaeda. A Kenyan newspaper also confirmed these claims which were quoted by the people of a village, named Afgouye, at a distance of 20 kilometers from Mogadishu.

Wahhabism is one of the fake religions that related itself to Islam. Its prevailing superstitions and its followers ' close-mindedness has contributed to the attempt of westerners to discredit Islam.

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